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Mackenzi G. is a receptionist at a hotel in Tahlequah, Okla, and an English major at a nearby college. While she says she generally loves her job, she’s soured on it during the past month or so because she’s been getting some unwelcome attention from an older man. At first, he just came by once in a while to chat about books. But then, he asked her if she had a boyfriend (which she does) and insisting that “You should call me if things go bad” and to “keep him in mind.” He started hanging around her for uncomfortably long periods of time.(Fantasy Diamonds Rings)
That wasn’t the main time she felt hazardous around male clients in the lodging. As of late, a couple of folks came in and, in the wake of approaching her for bar suggestions, continued bothering her to go out with them despite the fact that she was unmistakably at work and said she had no enthusiasm for doing as such. Afterward, they offered her collaborator $1,500 to go to their room amidst the night and “simply come sit with” them. Her colleague got so gone crazy that she called their supervisor, who showed them out.(Fantasy Diamonds Rings)
To keep away the creepers, Mackenzi has resorted to an unfortunately all too common tactic: wearing a Non Authentic engagement ring in hopes that her marital status will at least keep people from asking her out. Her coworker wears one, too. She told her story in a Facebook post that has since gone viral.
Mackenzi says she hasn’t seen the older man in a while, but that she still looks for his truck in the parking lot just in case before she clocks out and goes home. “Sometimes if I get off late, my boyfriend will actually take me to work and pick me up to avoid even being in the parking lot,” she tells us.(Fantasy Diamonds Rings)
She says the ring has helped her avoid harassment. “I haven’t had any harassment since I started wearing the ring, actually,” she tells us. “And I have noticed that older men do look at the ring. I catch a lot of glances when I’m handing them their room key or taking money.” She says she doesn’t advocate women wear Non Authentic engagement rings, but that it does highlight the ridiculous things we often have to do to keep threatening men away.
Mackenzi’s post has received close to 2,000 comments, an overwhelming amount of them from women who also wear Non Authentic engagement rings at work.
It’s enough for Jared or Kay Jewelers to start marketing these, and you can draw your own conclusions about how absurd and rage-provoking that is.
Please be careful out there when buying your next diamond jewelry.
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