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Most people do not realize, but the cut of your diamond does not just refer to the shape of your diamond, but it also refers to the ‘make’ of it – it is the make that determines the amount of sparkle that comes from it. So lets, know which is the best diamond cut according to 47th street jewelers Fantasy Diamonds LLC.


From round to square, emerald, pear, heart and marquise, there are many different shapes of diamonds to choose from. The shape that you choose will determine the overall look of your ring and each shape has certain qualities which will make it sparkle in the light.

Jewelers Fantasy Diamonds LLC

 Jewelers Fantasy Diamonds LLC

Also keep in mind that the shape of the diamond that you choose will also affect the look and style of your wedding band that will sit next to it.So once you have found your pretty diamond and matched it with a stunning setting you should be happy shouldn’t you?

And here is where it gets a bit tricky, because buying a diamond ring from 47th street jewelers Fantasy Diamonds LLC is an investment of time and money and much of the value of your diamond is not in the shape. So when you choose the best diamond cut you also need to look at the make of it.


The make of your diamond refers to the actual proportions of it and how it reflects the light as a result. This is determined when the diamond is cut from the original rock that held it and constitutes a large part of the value of your diamond of 47th street jewelers Fantasy Diamonds LLC.

Basically it all comes down to how much your diamond sparkles. If a 47th street jewelers Fantasy Diamonds LLC diamond cut too deep will not reflect enough light; a diamond cut too shallow will reflect light in the wrong direction. The size and number of faces or surfaces that your diamond has also determines the quality of the cut.

To confuse things further there are also different shapes of cuts, depending on the shape of your diamond, that will help to show it off and make it sparkle more.

The brilliant cut, usually seen in round diamonds, uses triangles and kite shapes in the cutting of the diamond itself. This allows the light to reflect off each face of your diamond and enables it to bounce from one corner to another – giving the diamond its brilliant shine.

A step cut is common in emerald shaped diamonds. The diamond is cut into sloping square or rectangle facets. By putting a slope on these surfaces, the jeweler allows the most light into the stone.

A mixed cut, like antique, rose, cushion, Asscher or patented cuts, use many different shapes which not only allow the most light into your brown diamond benefits and create a marvelous brilliance, but also created a stunning design which will enhance to look of your stone and ring and are widely regarded as being the best diamond cuts.

Fortunately you do not need to be an expert when choosing the best diamond cut. Have a look at the GIA grading certificate that should accompany your diamond. It will tell you the cut quality;

Poor – meaning that it will not sparkle very much away from the bright lights of the jeweler,
Good – an acceptable amount of sparkle,
Ideal – a well proportioned cut,
Patented cuts – like True Hearts or Hearts and Arrows. These are widely respected cuts whose label indicates that your diamond has been cut to its absolute best advantage.

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At last, purchasing a diamond wedding ring from 47th street jewelers Fantasy Diamonds LLCis not an easy task as it might sound. You have to consider many other factors including the price, style and colour. Never make your decision in a hurry as it is something which cannot be change later on and you would be wearing it for the rest of your married life.

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