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Valuing extravagant shaded precious stones has dependably been kind of a workmanship for appraisers and jewel merchants—such a variety of variables become an integral factor, bunches of unchartered region. Also, it is so advertise driven with numerous questions. To make things considerably more troublesome, favor hued precious stones are multi-layered themselves, with a few components which become possibly the most important factor while deciding an esteem.( jewelry 10036)

Favor shaded precious stones are such a particular classification of jewels, and yes, the favor shading jewel circle is little and selective. As a rule, this class inside the gems business can be viewed as scary—generally in light of the fact that it is a specific zone of skill. Here’s the place the specialists become possibly the most important factor.( jewelry 10036) Individuals like Eden Rachminov who has committed quite a while of examining extravagant shaded jewels keeping in mind the end goal to compose and discharge a book which digs into the valuing design of this intriguing, showcase driven universe of hued precious stones.

Mr. Rachminov has composed two books, the initially called The Fancy Color Diamond Book, which we won’t concentrate on in this blog entry, yet it appeared in 2010 and is the principal portion for goodness’ sake FCD. The second book, Fancy Color Diamonds: The Pricing Architecture, is the book I got above and am looking into here. It highlights 10 years worth of research and information gathering, alongside knowledge from direct involvement in the business to figure another framework for esteeming extravagant shading precious stones.( jewelry 10036) “The Layer System” introduced in this book is a novel way to deal with represent the numerous impactful business attributes truant from the GIA gemological report. Each quality is spoken to as a “layer” and each layer is a section in the book. The amazing Appendix went with the book incorporates 15 premium outlines and more than 10,000 coefficient tables that disentangle the mind boggling extravagant shading valuing structure and the premiums every trademark gives.

This book is perfect for anybody in the adornments business that needs to better comprehend favor shading precious stones. Regardless of whether you’re a jewel excavator, an appraiser, a business partner or gatherer, this book can fit your specialty and help you discover knowledge. I adore the stunning and lively photographs of favor shading precious stones inside the book (a couple appeared previously).( jewelry 10036) My most loved quote from the book compares what most know about when we consider precious stones—dreary stones. It says, “In the dry jewel world, purchasers seek after “less:” less shading, less considerations and little if no fluorescence, to the point where the “void” symbolizes flawlessness.” This is so not the situation for fancies. Furthermore, this book will demonstrate to you what I mean!


My trek to Seattle made them travel everywhere on this lovely city situated in the US’s Northwest looking for the best adornments to be seen! I immediately found that Seattle might be nicknamed the “Emerald City,” however it beyond any doubt had a great deal of astounding DIAMONDS. On account of 1001 Diamonds, I set up together a rundown of the TOP FIVE best shops in Seattle to discover jewels.( jewelry 10036) Regardless of whether you’re searching for your ideal wedding band, a correct hand ring with precious stones, a jewel jewelry or arm ornament, or even a couple of precious stone studs, these spots have it all. How about we begin with number five:

A store positively not short on precious stones, Isadora’s had the most stunning choice of vintage and old fashioned pieces. In the event that an antique jewel is what you’re chasing, this is the place to go! Anything from antique rose slices to Old European cuts, their cases were full.( jewelry 10036) The store likewise had a great determination of old fashioned studs, which is a specialty not regularly secured well by other antique gem dealers. The photograph above portrays a splendid determination of what they bring to the table. That antique precious stone jewelry is crazy! The rings run from late 1800s to mid 1930s, and each genuinely is so remarkable.

Antique and modern engagement ring selection here is two thumbs up! The price range lets you find something no matter your budget, and Alexandria’s experience in the business will allow you to customize what you want if necessary. From bold solitaire diamond styles, to antique clusters and everything in between, this shop is a must see.( jewelry 10036) The diamonds’ cut, clarity and color also is shown in a wide variety, which is what I like as well. A diamond with a low color? Yes, you can find that here, but you can also find high ranking colors too. No discrimination here–as long as it sparkles. That’s important!

Alana Jewelry —

One of the most shopped at Seattle jewelry stores for many reasons, Alana Jewelry always carries LOTS of diamonds because they are in demand!  Many of their customers walk into the store because it is located in a busy mall and end up leaving with diamonds, never planning on it beforehand.( jewelry 10036) The heavy foot traffic allows for their diamond inventory to be constantly changing and consistently well-versed. In order to appeal to many different tastes, they have all sorts of styles, eras, shapes, sizes and price ranges. Alana Jewelry sells both antique and modern jewelry, with appraisals on all their diamonds.


Wanting something more unique but brand new? TWIST has you covered! Their wide variety of fine jewelry, with designers specializing in diamonds in particular will leave you breathless. So many new innovations are coming to the forefront and TWIST is always the first to release them.( jewelry 10036) Inverted diamonds? They have them! Black, grey, brown and other “rustic” diamonds? Yes, they have them! A quick glance at their bridal selection will have you wanting something unlike anyone else, thanks to their fine curation of stunning jewels. Shop diamond specialists like TAP by Todd Pownell, Mandrel Studio, Rebecca Overmann, Mallary Marks, Cathy Waterman, and SO MANY more!

EraGem —

The diamond inventory from EraGem is constantly changing and growing. When I visited their showroom there were so many engagement rings that could potentially be someone’s “dream ring!” Lots of Old European cut diamonds in their original settings, done in platinum, white gold and even the growingly popular yellow gold.( jewelry 10036) In the photo, most of these were so new they weren’t even on their website yet–talk about “fresh finds.” By now, all of those should be up or possibly sold already. If you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring or a piece of diamond jewelry for a special milestone, be sure to check EraGem’s website straight away.

To learn more about diamonds and experience diamonds in every way possible, check out. Here are all their platforms:( jewelry 10036)

    Consumers are constantly evolving. Those interested in buying diamonds are wanting more questions answered than ever before: where did my diamond come from? Was it sourced ethically? Is my diamond worth what I paid for it? How will I know this exact diamond is mine?  Exclusivity and rarity are becoming more and more important, as well as the feeling of confidence in what is one buying.( jewelry 10036) All this added up to the creation of Forevermark and their authentic promise to each and every client who buys a diamond. Forevermark launched in January of 2011 with over 128 years of diamond expertise being a part of the De Beers Group. I wanted to learn more myself about Forevermark and their diamonds, so I got the full experience from my nearest local retailer who carries them–King Jewelers in Nashville, TN. Turns out, King Jewelers was one of the first to adopt Forevermark Diamonds into their repertoire–as David King explained, “Forevermark stands for rarity, something desired by a new group of clients that has recently been growing in the last few years.”  Only sold through a select group of “authorized” jewelers, Forevermark is discerning in every step of the process.

What is cool in a nerdy, gem way is Forevermark’s diamond inscription which I got to see first-hand with a special inscription viewer which King Jeweler’s displays at their store. It was so interesting to learn that less than 1% of the world’s diamonds can become a Forevermark diamond. What’s more is once a diamond’s provenance and quality have been confirmed, it is inscribed with a unique number that represents the Forevermark promise:( jewelry 10036) that the diamond is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Only then does it become a Forevermark diamond! The inscription is invisible to the naked eye, but with the viewer, you can see the unique number, along with the Forevermark logo. The inscription is 1/20th of a micron deep – 1/5,000th the depth of a human hair – and is placed on the table facet of the diamond, using confidential, proprietary technology. After purchasing a Forevermark diamond, you can register your diamond using the unique number so it is tied to your name forever.

A diamond’s journey from beginning to end is typically characterized by a lot of unknowns. With Forevermark, hand-selection and quality control define each step, with no unknowns. It starts with sourcingwhere every Forevermark diamond comes from a mine that has been carefully selected and approved according to strict criteria. Forevermark, as part of The De Beers Group, gives back to the communities where its diamonds are mined.( jewelry 10036) For every acre of land used for mining, five acres are dedicated to the conservation of nature. Additionally, Forevermark, as part of The De Beers Group, contributes to the provision of good quality healthcare and education, and supports women entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Next, the rough that was mined gets sorted by their experts, with color and clarity being at the forefront. Cutting and polishing come next, where strict standards are held for the craftsmen who carry out this task. Each facet is carefully planned out and will unlock the beauty of the diamond. Now the diamonds are off to be selected and graded, where the Forever mark Diamond Institute has a rigorous 17-step procedure, which includes hand grading.( jewelry 10036) Any Forever mark diamond over 1/2 carat also receives a Forevermark Grading Report which certifies its grade. Those 10 points or larger are then inscribed with a unique number and the Forevermark logo. This careful selection process ensures you end up with a diamond that you can be really proud to give or wear forever, a true value when you are purchasing a diamond.

Ready for consumers, the last step of the journey is to be sold by an authorized Forevermark jeweler as a loose stone or set in a piece of jewelry. Forevermark jewelry, is designed and manufactured by select design partners.

Thanks Forevermark for giving me the opportunity to learn more about your beautiful, important cause. The next time you or myself will see these on the red carpet or at an authorized jeweler, I will be happy to know so much more than just the name. Diamonds are indeed wonderful, but knowing you have a responsibly sourced, rare and high-quality diamond makes that much of a difference. De Beers coined the term, A Diamond is Forever, and its authenticity and allure couldn’t be more real! ( jewelry 10036)

Diamonds. Did you see more this year at Couture or less than years in the past? Do you feel as though designers are using diamonds more and more in designs or turning to other colored gemstones? I set out this year to hit the ground running and answer those exact questions, doing my own research.( jewelry 10036) Diamonds have been and possibly will forever be the number one selling gemstone. But with all the fuss over conflict-free, “recycled,” eco-conscious and several other trendy names people are putting on responsibly mined diamonds, has that begun to shift the love and allure for diamonds?!

For me, I will always love diamonds–probably even more than any other gemstone. The majority of my personal collection is made up of diamonds.( jewelry 10036) I will never, ever buy or be interested in synthetic diamonds (frankly, I wish they would cease creating them) and that goes for other imitations like moissanite. The rarity and allure of owning a real diamond, whether it is ethically mined or an antique diamond, far outweighs any other desire for an alternative.


Now, a diamond’s journey can be tricky. That’s why programs like Diamonds With A Story have recently been created to ensure a diamond’s origins and its sustainability. Diamonds With A Story came about in partnership with Rio Tinto, as they partnered with a few designers using the ethically sourced diamonds. The capsule collections were created utilizing ethically sourced white and natural color diamonds from Austrailia’s Argyle Mine.( jewelry 10036) This year’s designer participants attending the Couture Show include Paige Novick, Suzanne Kalan, Sandy Leong and Matthew Campbell Laurenza. The pieces created using these diamonds from the Argyle Mines are innovative and extremely wearable. It was neat to see how the designers interpreted the stones differently with their own design aesthetic and contrasting against their collections.

Other research has been done on Millennials and their response to diamonds. This age group, which I am a part of, includes those who were born in the early 1980s and up through the 90s…some even including those born in the beginning of 2000.( jewelry 10036) Most recently, the Diamond Producers Association revealed its newest campaign targeting this age group after extensive research on their views of diamonds. The campaign takes the idea of “Real is Rare” and hopes to build connections with this and diamonds. The Diamond Producers Association states, “The platform emerges from deep insight work with the millennial audience revealing that while diamonds do have appeal for this generation, relevance and emotional engagement can be heightened via new concepts…The opportunity exists for diamonds to represent the rare, precious and real connections that millennials crave. “Real is Rare” redefines diamonds for the 21st century, giving them new meaning as a symbol to celebrate the real connections we choose to make.”

I’m excited for these new platforms that are emerging and promoting the love for diamonds. I think it starts with learning to appreciate such rarity, and to know where and how diamonds are produced.( jewelry 10036) Jewelry designers can easily foster the enchantment of diamonds, as I saw at Couture this year. Innovative designs and creations that make your jaw drop are just the start of creating such desire.


I loved seeing and experiencing diamonds at Couture. Being aware of seeing which designers used them, talking with stores and buyers at the show and getting their opinion on diamonds in the marketplace has been really informative. I know diamonds are here to stay and it is up to us to continue to keep it this way.( jewelry 10036)

To learn more about diamonds and experience diamonds in every way possible, check out 1001 Diamonds. Here are all their platforms:( jewelry 10036)


I’ve been on a quest for the best in antique and vintage diamonds from all across the United States! Thanks to 1001 Diamonds, I’ve honed in on a few keen shops.( jewelry 10036) Every corner, every direction, every side street…and I think I’ve narrowed my continental search. From Lang Antiques over on the West Coast, to Bell & Bird in the heart of Texas, up to the Boston area at Fancy Flea Antiques, and down south to Miami where Dover Jewelry takes the cake…and I can’t forget the greatest city in all the land–NYC, where A La Vieille Russie shines. These are the top five locales which boast some pretty amazing antique diamonds!  See for yourself!

MIDWEST (above photo): Let’s start in the center of the US, with Texas-based Bell & Bird. They don’t lie when they say everything is bigger in Texas! The Edwardian heart-shaped diamond ring is breath-taking. An antique heart-shape is rare to find, especially one that dates back to the 1900s. The stone is GIA certified ranking in at a VS-1 clarity, E color and weighing 2.42 carats! It truly outshines them all! The antique twin diamond ring puts a spin on the Moi et toi style, having the diamonds set vertically like that. That particular ring has since sold.( jewelry 10036)


WEST COAST: All the way on the West Coast, Lang Antiques holds it down in San Francisco having the most diverse and jaw-dropping antique diamond collection around! Here you can see what I mean. Anything from champagne colored diamonds, to Old European cuts, to Old Mine cuts, even the square step cut in the center of that onyx ring above, the diamonds come in all shapes and sizes at Lang. This photo also proves that diamonds pair with black in the best way possible.( jewelry 10036)


EAST COAST: Lots of great cities in the Northeast–New York City and Boston are home to so many great attractions and one of them being amazing diamonds. I am dying to visit A La Vieille Russie located on the corner of 5th Avenue and E. 59th Street. As you can see, their antique diamond selection is museum-worthy! The diamond ring on the pointer finger is an Old Mine cut, weighing approximately 1.90 carats from the Georgian Era. The champagne fancy diamond on the middle finger is also noteworthy–what a great alternative engagement ring that would make!

At Fancy Flea Antiques just outside of Boston in a town called Lexington, there’s a little antique jewelry shop I got to visit briefly while in the area.( jewelry 10036) I was intrigued by this hidden gem, as they have lots of antique and vintage diamonds, most importantly at a great price! I tried on a bunch of Art Deco filigree diamond rings, a time period which is greatly represented at the store. There’s something about an Old European cut diamond from the 1920s paired with the open-metalwork of white gold or platinum. These are all available at Fancy Flea Antiques.

SOUTH-SIDE: It’s a party of diamonds down south–in Miami, that is–at Dover Jewelry. Their selection of diamonds ranges vastly to include small clusters to large carat sizes like the gigantic 8.63 carat solitaire pictured, VS-2 clarity, KL color. Whatever size, price or color diamond you are looking for, Dover Jewelry has it! This photo also features a more and more popular diamond cut that not too many jewelry stores have–the antique cushion cut.( jewelry 10036)

( jewelry 10036)


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