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Check out the latest gold trends around town. (Engagement rings 10036)

The appeal of gold is dissimilar to whatever other metal- – it invokes such a large number of emotions when I take a gander at my most loved yellow gold arm ornament brought once again from Italy by my grandparents more than 20 years back, or when I wear my gold circles that I bought when I moved on from secondary school. I can detect the power, the esteem and the heaviness of the gold, yet I can likewise feel the recollections, the slant, and the affection behind each piece.(Engagement rings 10036) Praising gold is something I do ordinary, as it is pass on my most loved metal utilized for adornments, so having a whole month committed to GOLD and advancing every little thing about it makes me upbeat! Over at May Is Gold Month, they have focused on spreading the information of karat gold, advancing the wearability of gold with week by week drifts, notwithstanding giving a few arrangements and challenges to peruses too. For me, it’s an energy I can remain behind as well, in that spot with them!

My adoration for karat gold gems has carried me on such a variety of voyages with my #JewelryRoadTrip and working with LoveGold for a long time, I’ve put on a few miles all for the sake of gold. I cherish the way that gold has been found on each landmass and it is my long lasting dream to have the capacity to search for gold and really discover a few! I get a kick out of the chance to relate my mission for finding and including gold adornments stores/architects on my blog as being like the gold excavators of the enormous Gold Rush of 1849.(Engagement rings 10036) Indeed, it is one of my most loved things to look into and find out about. The force of gold is portrayed best in circumstances like the California Gold Rush, where countless gold-searchers put everything at stake looking for a certain something. Gold’s effect come to far more noteworthy than simply the disclosure of only it and it will dependably remain the main offering metal for extravagance and gems things.

How you wear and style karat gold adornments is an entire distinctive domain of gold. My greatest tip is attempt new thoughts and patterns – absolutely never wear similar bits of gems each and every day for whatever is left of your life! In the event that you require a few recommendations, May Is Gold Month has assembled some week by week inclines that you can without much of a stretch concentrate on and I’m here to help propose methods for taking each and making them your own.(Engagement rings 10036) How about we begin from the top!


Trend #1: GOLD HOOPS

A gold gems staple that will never leave style, gold loops are a bit of karat gold gems you should claim! Thick or thin, substantial or small…the style and size does not make a difference, it’s the way you wear them and what you wear them with that is generally imperative! I get a kick out of the chance to wear mine stacked on one ear, with each being comparable in size and style.(Engagement rings 10036) I cleared out my other flap exposed to give it a sensational impact. Karat gold bands can truly add a zest to your style- – a little option with a major effect.



This is an extraordinary pattern since you can join loads of little, karat gold gems to make one major, impactful look. I’ve generally felt weak at the knees over little gold arm ornaments and every one has a one of a kind style. Some are from Italy from my grandparents so they are exceptionally nostalgic to me, while one I purchased from a gold stand amidst the shopping center Wearing them all together is fun and each time my arm moves, they move around with me. The little karat gold rings are enjoyable to stack and layer too, so both sorts of adornments play off each other.(Engagement rings 10036)


Trend #3: GOLD RINGS

This pattern comes much excessively common for me- – I absolutely never go out with only ONE gold ring. Be that as it may, there’s a gifted craftsmanship to stacking rings and heaping on whatever you have simply won’t cut it. I like vast, prolonged rings to go on the greatest finger- – the center finger- – and that functions as a decent beginning stage. Join rings that have an exceptional importance with pieces that are stylish. I adore the geometrical patterns that are occurring at this moment, so I settled on a lightweight, yet at the same time 14k strong gold(Engagement rings 10036) variant of this pattern to cut the cost. One thing is for sure however, at whatever point you purchase a bit of karat gold gems, it is a venture that you will love.



Gold jewelry is often highly symbolic, whether it’s a talisman, a good luck charm or a piece of jewelry that means something more than what meets the eye. For me, I have many karat gold charms in my life that hold a symbolic meaning like my Figas, and my lucky locket passed down to me by my Gram. My newest additions are the lapis scarab (if you follow me on Instagram, I’ve sold two large lapis scarab pieces recently and sort of regretted selling–and then I found like mini version of it just recently on my trip to DC, from The Antique Guild) and a gold heart ring box that holds an almost identical miniature version of my engagement ring, recently purchased from A.Brandt + Son.(Engagement rings 10036) The charm is so neat because it opens and closes, and the craftsmanship is impeccable.



What a dueling pair of wrists! My bracelet style is quite bipolar–I love a great karat gold Victorian hinged bracelet but then I also can go very modern, chunky with a large, heavy men’s Cuban Link chain. Talk about opposites! I love both for different reasons, but that’s the beauty of having different styles and karat gold jewelry has SO many styles.(Engagement rings 10036) I’ve collected the Victorian gold bracelets over the years from my job being an appraiser, but the Cuban Link chain is my husband’s! I hope to own a matching one some day…one that actually fits though! His is huge on me!


Trend #6: NECK CANDY

Necklaces are the type of jewelry I own the least of, but surprisingly that has been changing lately! I think it’s because I like wearing necklaces that are more than just a chain and a pendant or charm.(Engagement rings 10036) That’s when I got the bright idea of turning my gold cross charm bracelet into a necklace by adding a gold bracelet to each end and extending the length. It easily transforms it into a close-fitting statement necklace that everyone asks about…and even better, each cross has a story. I’ve also added my Fox & Bond Mini necklace to the mix to make the look more interesting.  The Mini is a miniature solitaire ring which features a special engraving on the inside.

(Engagement rings 10036)

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