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Here at Fantasy Diamonds LLC 47th street diamond exchange we often talk about buying your diamonds, but there is also an option to do a diamond exchange in our newyork and all our stores. We always make a cash offer, but often people are looking to exchange their diamond to us for a another ring or stone. In these cases we offer more for a store credit. However, unlike other diamond exchanges, we do not push our customers to take store credit and we do not mark up our other rings when there is a store credit involved. We give an honest cash price and an extra push for a diamond exchange.

So whether you are looking to do a diamond exchange in newyork, mahathan, or in whole Usa just sell your diamond outright, Fantasy Diamonds LLC 47th street diamond exchange is the place to come. Please visit our site to make an appointment with one of our specialists.

Read the Exchange Policy for Your Diamond

Fantasy Diamonds LLC

Fantasy Diamonds LLC

Before you trade in a diamond for another piece of jewelry, make sure you read all the documentation that came with the stone when you purchased it.Pay special attention to the store’s exchange policy – oftentimes, there is an option to trade the stone in for another one during a certain period after the sale.Once this term has expired, you might not be able to exchange your diamond, or you may be able to do so at a reduced value.

Selecting a Store to Trade In Your Diamond

In case you are not exchanging your diamond at the Fantasy Diamonds LLC 47th street diamond exchangestore that originally sold it, you will need to decide where to trade the stone in. Some vendors don’t do exchanges, whereas others are more receptive to such deals.One thing to keep in mind is that small stores that are run by independent jewelers may be more flexible and willing to negotiate on price, discounts, and other terms of the deal.

Have the Diamond Appraised

If you are not sure how much your diamond is worth, it may be a good idea to have it appraised by a Fantasy Diamonds LLC 47th street diamond exchange professional. Make sure that you understand what exactly the appraised value means, however.For example, if the valuation is based on the retail market price of the diamond, keep in mind that this number will be higher than the trade-in value a jeweler will offer you.It is crucial for you to know how much your stone is worth so you can assess how good of an exchange deal you are getting.

What Exchange Price Can You Get for a Diamond?

As, you won’t be able to exchange your diamond at a trade-in value that is equal or even close to the stone’s original price.In fact, you may be offered 50% or less than what you bought your diamond at. (Getting a trade-in value that is around 50% of the original price is pretty common for exchange deals.)

Calculating Your Diamond’s Trade-In Value

As you’ve already seen, the most important piece of information you need to find out when discussing an exchange offer is the trade-in value of the diamond.It is very important to ask how much you will have to pay in cash, in addition to the stone your trading in – sometimes, a deal may not turn out to be as good as it sounds.In sum, pay attention to discounts and other deal terms in addition to the trade-in price so that you can determine how good of a deal you are getting.

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Don’t forget to follow some tips to clean your stone and its setting before you go to the store – a piece of jewelry that is not presentable will give the buyer another potential argument to press you to accept a lower exchange value.

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