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How Vitamin D impacts your body in more ways then one. ( jewelry 10036)

One of the most important nutrients for the development and maintenance of our bones is Vitamin D. Calcium almost loses its efficacy when not coupled with adequate amount of Vitamin D. With sunlight being the primary source of Vitamin D for human body and most of us spending more and more time indoors, we are now more prone to Vitamin D deficiency. Lack of Vitamin D hampers bone development and make them weak. The nutrient is also vital for cellular growth and its deficiency can cause bone pain, fracture-prone bones, unexplained fatigue, muscle weakness. ( jewelry 10036)

The above mentioned reasons explain why Vitamin D is equally important in men as it is for women. Experts from the University of Manchester suggest that low level of Vitamin D in middle-aged men may lead to loss of strength and muscle mass. It can also lead to frailty wherein a man may feel a gradual dip in energy levels and physical capacity. Men with low Vitamin D, and insulin-like growth factor -1 (IGF-1) and its binding protein 3 (IGFBP3) were more prone to frailty. ( jewelry 10036)

Men who have low levels of muscle and bone building hormone were also found to be more susceptible to frailty. Older men with low levels of the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S) were also linked to a higher likelihood of worsening frailty. DHEA-S has a direct anabolic effect on muscle mass. ( jewelry 10036)

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“Vitamin D, besides maintaining bone health, regulates muscle function and low vitamin D levels are linked to lower muscle mass and strength. IGF-1 affects muscle growth and repair and its action and levels are modified by its carrier protein IGFBP3,” lead author Agnieszka Swiecicka. ( jewelry 10036)

“We showed novel associations between anabolic hormone levels and changes in frailty levels in ageing men. This can facilitate early identification of individuals who are at risk and the development of new treatments and prevention strategies,” Swiecicka concluded. ( jewelry 10036)


( jewelry 10036)

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