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There are two methods of selling something new, there is wholesale and retail. Wholesale is when it comes straight from the manufacturer usually, there is no middle man. Retail sales is when a product or item is bought from a store. Wholesale diamonds are a bit different and you can buy them from NYC Wholesale Fantasy Diamonds LLC stores.

One that are not set or are unfinished are sold at NYC Wholesale Fantasy Diamonds LLC rates, which are a little bit above what the diamond dealer purchases them for. Typically the less work that goes into the diamond the cheaper it will be. Wholesale diamonds that are purchased from retail outlets are usually cut and finished but have not been set.


NYC Wholesale Fantasy Diamonds LLC

NYC Wholesale Fantasy Diamonds LLC

Cut ones are those that have been cut into a shape. There are several common shapes for them to be cut into. Square, round, pear, princes and emerald are all very popular cuts. The cut is the shape and the number of facets that are cut into a rough diamond. A rough type is usually shaped as a rock would be shaped without any definition. Cutting a diamond is usually the first step in processing a diamond. The NYC Wholesale Fantasy Diamonds LLC diamond is cut from its raw form into a shape that is valued.

Once the initial cut is complete the facets are cut. At this point before the facets are cut into the diamond the diamond can be offered for wholesale to a buyer. Of course the buyer would then have to either pay someone to finish the work or do it alone.

Finished Diamonds

NYC Wholesale Fantasy Diamonds LLC Finished diamonds are diamonds that have been cut and polished. Even at the wholesale price these diamonds are more expensive than the diamond in the raw or diamonds that have been cut only. The finished diamond is the product that everyone is used to seeing in the jewelry case at the jewelry store.

Most jewelers will purchase diamonds that have been cut but not finished they will finish the diamonds themselves and set them. The cost of the craftsmanship is passed on to the consumer.NYC Wholesale Fantasy Diamonds LLC are sold at a discounted rate because finishing them or having them set is expensive.

Retail Outlets

Many retail jewelry outlets will advertise that they sell diamonds wholesale, but of course unless they are mining the diamonds their selves or they own a mining company – the diamonds are not being sold wholesale, they are being sold at a discounted retail price.

How to get the best deal?

Just follow the simple steps. The value of the diamond would depend on its quality. The value of the diamond drops significantly even due to smallest of defects. However, even tough there are no defects in a cubic zirconium diamond the value would differ due to various reasons.

The main factors that determine the price of the diamond are:

1. Cut
2. Clarity
3. Color
4. Carat Weight

Make sure your NYC Wholesale Fantasy Diamonds LLC dealer discloses accurate information to you before they sell the product.Since diamonds are normally high priced products, it is very important for you to make purchases from the authentic sources that provide you with the proper certification on the products they sell.

Other expenditures would be:

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Freight: you need to see if the cost includes freight, and you’ll also need to check if your dealer requires any other documents from your end.

Insurance: Even if your buy diamonds in lesser volumes, the buying of diamonds would attract unwanted risks. It’s always better to have insurance against theft.

The NYC Wholesale Fantasy Diamonds LLC merchants should clearly mention the costs involved until the point of delivery Make sure you follow the above precautions while buying diamonds from a wholesale dealer in order to avoid any stress after the purchase.

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